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Re: Is you mind open or not?

Shield3 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

If it were truly "ISO-less" then the results shouldn't change based on exposure time.

You do not yet understand the term 'ISO-less'. That's okay, you will.

No such thing. ISO matters.

On a 5D3, you are correct. The ISO setting affects the analog gain applied to the sensor signal, with higher numbers applying more gain. The resulting RAW file reflects this amplification, in that the raw data is, in fact, different for different ISO settings. On other cameras, with ISO-less sensors, ISO does not alter the raw data, other than to add a meta-tag as a hint for a RAW converter. If that converter is the in-camera JPEG engine, then this technical fact is hidden from you (this means the JPEG header on RAW files is affected, as is the preview— perhaps this is what is throwing you off?).

Again, for it to be true, the inverse would have to be true.

It is.

IE a shot properly exposed for ISO 100 then taken @ ISO 6400. Good luck getting all those highlights back that you just blew out.

You did not blow them out, all the raw data is still there. Lower the exposure in whatever RAW converter you are using and it all comes back. Unless, of course...

Not to mention that cameras are ELECTRONIC devices, and gain/ISO does add noise, reduce midtones, lower dynamic range.

... you are using a 5D3, where the analog gain adds noise and reduces midtones and DR.

You are not doing your homework. Perhaps you have never extensively used a camera with an ISO-less sensor, or if you did it was all in JPEG mode?

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