Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

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Re: Which Camera to take on a Cruise??? 6D or S100

Clay King wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

Really? You're going on a holiday and you want to lug around a full frame DSLR and a bag full of lenses? The S100 is a better choice, but I'd look at getting a small APS-C camera, you'd pick up an EOS M for next to nothing in todays market and make full use of maybe one or two of your lenses with an EF mount. You'd also love to have the 22mm prime for what you're doing as well.

I wasn't planning on a bag full, maybe just the 40 pancake, the 85 f/1.8 and the 70-300 IS USM. Instead of the 85, I could take the 24-105 or a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8. I hadn't thought about the eos-m, but I can get one of them with the 18-55 on it for $356 on amazon right now, and that might be the way to go. Price goes up to $399 for the 22 prime...

Thanks for the idea, I am going to have to think long and hard about that...

I stopped taking may FF on vacation.  It's bad when your camera gear weighs as much as your luggage… it made vacations feel like work.

If I want to travel very light, I just take my Fuji X-20.  It takes very good pictures in most situations, and decent ones at night if I'm careful with my settings and prop myself or the camera against something.  If I know I'll do a lot of night photography, it's a small APS-C as suggest above.

I will add that you should take a waterproof camera with you.  They're not the greatest quality things, but when I'm near the water, they let me take pictures where I normally wouldn't venture with my regular cameras. $150 isn't a lot to spend and they don't get much better until you go to something like Nikon's AW1.

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