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Re: Is you mind open or not?

sybersitizen wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

If it were truly "ISO-less" then the results shouldn't change based on exposure time.

You do not yet understand the term 'ISO-less'. That's okay, you will.

No such thing.  ISO matters.  Again, for it to be true, the inverse would have to be true.  IE a shot properly exposed for ISO 100 then taken @ ISO 6400.  Good luck getting all those highlights back that you just blew out.  Not to mention that cameras are ELECTRONIC devices, and gain/ISO does add noise, reduce midtones, lower dynamic range.

For a "true" ISO-less camera the SNR and dynamic range chart would have to be linear; they're not.  Even in the shots above I see vast differences; the shadow detail is gone when you underexpose by 6! stops just like the highlights are gone when you UNDERexpose by 6.

Stop drinking the cool-aid and use your eyes and your logic.  You'll get it. 

It's not. That's why on all cameras you see the dynamic range and shadow noise go to pot at high ISO's.

You'll never get me to think otherwise.

Then why are you discussing anything?

Why does anyone discuss anything?

I do appreciate you continuing to say "not sure if you're trolling" to somehow add credibility to your claim though. Bonus points.

A properly exposed ISO6400 shot then shot at ISO 100 would certainly mean the 100 shot is going to get blown out.

Again, you do not yet understand the term 'ISO-less'. All it means is that every shot can be made at base ISO and then 'amplified' after the fact instead of in the camera.

I do get raw and the ability to do that to a certain degree.  Not 6 stops, and not ISO 100 to 6400.  I'm not saying from an arm's length you can't get a similar result from a web-sized shot, but up close and you'll begin to see all the problems (shadow noise, blown highlights).

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