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Hugowolf wrote:

charley5 wrote:

Colors that are in the image but the printer will not be able to acurately reproduce.

I haven't used CS3 for several years, but in the Photopshop pint preview dialog, when you have the correct paper profile selected and Ps manages color, you should be able to check 'Match Print Colors', then after that check 'Gamut Warning'. If there are out of gamut color they should show up either ruby lith or gray, depending on the version of Ps.

You can also the gamut warning in the main window via sof proofing.

I ran it. Everything seems fine.

Then there is no point in using a Perceptual rendering intent, you are only losing color accuracy.

It is possible that the lab is making the colors more vivid than they are. But you cannot use the vivid setting in the driver if you are using an ICC profile. If you have color management disabled in the driver, you shouldn't have a vivid option available.

Have you printed a standard test image using your usual settings?

No I haven't. Hmm. I will look for one on the web. Do they have color breakdowns, etc.?

and the image itself is a little more difficult to find on the page, but it is here:

It is in ProPhotoRGB

Brian A

Thanks Brian. This is really helpful!

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