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Sorry, I pressed the wrong button on the previous post. I am using a Sigma SD15. I use Sigma's software (SPP) to convert raw files to jpg, using the sRGB setting (question: should I be saving to aRGB or proRGB instead?). I can't print from SPP because my images are heavily processed in Photoshop to give them an artistic look. I downloaded the ICC profile for the paper I am using, mainly Canson Platine Fibre Rag. I followed the steps outlined in the Canson site. the only discrepancy was that they suggested using aRGB, and I used sRGB when I saved the jpg file from raw.

In Photoshop (CS3) my settings are:

Center Image; Scale 102.27%; 15x10; PS manages colors; Printer Profile: File I downloaded from Canson; Rendering Intent: Perceptual; Black Point Compensate (ticked): The latter two settings were specified by Canson. The Page Setup Settings were also specified by Canson.

I didn't fiddle at all with the 3880 settings.

Well you should have fiddled. By turning off color management in the 3880 driver. Did you?

You may be double profiling after all that.


Sure did. In PS: Mode, custom, off (no color adjustment)

It would not be in Photoshop. It would be in the printer driver's dialog, which you may be accessing through Photoshop. The same dialog where you select the media type, etc.

Brian A

Brian, I am accessing it through PS. Just below the media type you mention above, is Mode, custom, off (no color adjustment).

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