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Low light shooting

I do a lot of low light shooting. Learning to use the widest apertures at my disposal (f/1.4 to f/2) was key, and often involves delicate gymnastics to get the focal plane lined up exactly where I want it. Based on the scenes I usually shoot, with barely lit subjects and unlit (almost black) backgrounds, I need a good combination/compromise of shutter speed and low grain. I could set the ISO to 100 and pump it all in PP, but I do need to chimp a little to make sure I am getting what I need in focus with a very thin DoF.

Usually, I will shoot at a fixed aperture (almost always wide open) and set my ISO on auto and adjust the auto range to 400-1600. I then set my EV to -3. I vary this a little sometimes, and sometimes even mid shoot. In aperture priority mode, I have the rear thumb wheel set to adjust EV, so that makes it pretty easy. The eventual effect of my EV setting and ISO range is to limit the range of the shutter speed. If I could choose an speed range (high and low limits, like with auto ISO) I would prefer to do it that way, but in fairness the camera gives me enough tools at my disposal to get what I want.

I don't use spot metering. I probably could, but when I try I never get the results I want. In theory, spot or area metering ought to give me better results, so at this point I consider this to be an area I need more experience with.

Later, I can choose to pump the whole image, just a certain area, just the highlights, or just a particular hue. Lightroom makes this pretty easy but I would guess other, similar programs do, too. So far, this technique works— at least in the sense that I get photos I would not any other way. Whether or not those photos are any good is a subject for another post

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