Irrational views on SLT part duex

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William Curtindale
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JimmyMelbourne: Probably Best To Discuss W/ Nordstjernen

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Is it just me or does the iso 6400 photo look less noisy?

Im not sure how this can be a solution for anything, when shooting at iso 100 the image turns black so reviewing the image after the shot will be difficult.

Jimmy, this is beyond me to explain (you need to discuss with Nordstjernen, I know he can explain).

Yes, my ISO 100 sample appears to have more noise (could something I did in PP - don't think so be I don't really know).

I find this experiment very interesting and know there is more to learn. For now I will continue to adjust Shutter, aperture and ISO (old fashioned thinking). At least I can see a benefit of understanding how much forgiveness there is in using too low of an ISO (I think that's good to know).

I also find it very interesting in this discussion to think about exposure in terms shutter and aperture and of how much light hits the sensor (disregarding the sensor sensitivity - not totally sure but I think I said the right). Yeah, I need to get my head around this stuff.

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