Muted prints... Is it my RGB profile?

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My workflow...

Hi. I just thought I would describe my workflow in case it provides any hints. I use SPP to convert raw files to jpg, using the sRGB setting (question: should I be saving to aRGB or proRGB instead?). I can't print from SPP because my images are heavily processed in Photoshop to give them an artistic look. I downloaded the ICC profile for the paper I am using, mainly Canson Platine Fibre Rag. I followed the steps outlined in the Canson site. the only discrepancy was that they suggested using aRGB, and I used sRGB when I saved the jpg file from raw.

In Photoshop (CS3) my settings are:

Center Image; Scale 102.27%; 15x10; PS manages colors; Printer Profile: File I downloaded from Canson; Rendering Intent: Perceptual; Black Point Compensate (ticked): The latter two settings were specified by Canson. The Page Setup Settings were also specified by Canson.

I didn't fiddle at all with the Epson 3880 settings. It seems to be a bit finicky anyways.

The issue: Blues in my prints are muted and appear almost slightly purplish. Yellows are great. Greens and oranges are also slightly muted.



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