I've caught the MF bug

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brightcolours wrote:

NancyP wrote:


The reasons for incompatibility are noted, and 20mm f/4 is on the don't use on full frame list (orange boxes). Yep, the problem is as you indicated. Lens is usable on APS-C

This list is "the Bible" for manual focus lens use on Canon FF cameras.

This so called "bible" talks about a 20mm f4 pre-Ai, the lens talked above is a 20mm f4 Ai-S. The backs are not the same.

Also, the 5D (original) has a different shape mirror box bottom around the contacts. The 6D/7D/70D/5D mk III all have a recessed surface above the contacts, which the original 5D "lacks".

So, don't trust that "bible" too much.

EOS 5D (mk II is similar)

EOS 6D (5D mkIII, 7D, 450D are similar)

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