Some thoughts on Sony Mirrorless against competition

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Some thoughts on Sony Mirrorless against competition

I was pondering on how expensive the 16-70 zeiss lens is, while the thought of changing system popped up in my head, so I made up a pros and cons of other mirrorless systems.

With all the "deficiencies" of Sony mirrorless, which maybe all of it can be said to be listed here , I was wondering whether there are any other mirrorless competitors that have better cameras than Sony?

M43 has a smaller sensor size, and clearly has an effect on DoF, and light collected by sensor, and to a certain extent, noise.

Also, by a quick search, M43 apparently doesn't have a good 16-70 equivalent, which IMO is the perfect range for a walkaround lens. The closest is perhaps the Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f2.8, but the lens loses to the range of the 16-70 on e-mount, but it also has an even higher MSRP than the longer range 16-70 zeiss lens. This, combined with the more expensive M43 bodies compared to Sony's in my country, becomes a dealbreaker.

The Fujifilm, while having gorgeous jpeg output, appear to have, from what I read, troublesome RAW files. Also, the cheapest body with an EVF is the X-E2, which is more expensive than the NEX-6, the camera I own. I also don't really like the "classic" rangefinder style of the camera, preferring the more modern NEX style, but this is more of a preference really.

All of this sums up that IMO, none of the mirrorless right now is a "must-have", instead I need to learn what my preferences and types of photography are, and make a choice (and maybe some compromise) on what system to purchase.

This is my opinion, and I purposely posted this on the forums to hear what do you guys think? What is your opinion on my view?

Please understand that I am a beginner in photography, and would love if some of you could point out mistakes of my view.

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