Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Of course shutter shock matters

sebiruns wrote:

Than why just discuss it. Let's make a study. Somebody tell me how to certainly provoke shutter shock with either my rx100 or my e-p5 and I will gladly give it a try and post the pics in this thread afterwards. Any suggestions?

I've never bothered to really test for it, but I can see that mounting the camera on a wobbly jelly and firing remotely, then mounting it to a very heavy tripod and again firing remotely, should find something as that relates to the possible range of hand-holding ability it seems.

Of course use a lens that is deemed to be susceptible and test each shutter speed from say 1/10 sec to 1/200 second taking 10 shots at each speed.

Then sit back and enjoy pixel peeping the mess to see if any conclusions are reached.

I guess that's why I've never bothered to do it, but I still intend to buy a 3 way accelerometer one day and try and see the body vibration and direction of vibration.

Hells bells, I can feel it shake in my hands when I shoot so there's something there that could cause problems under the right/wrong conditions. In truth I've maybe seen the problem twice in a few years so I've never bothered to chase it.

I do know and have proved though that my E-PL1 at least does add a tiny blur to any image at any speed if IBIS is used, seen first at very fast shutter speeds which should be immune from shake, maybe people are confusing IBIS/OIS blur with shutter shake.

Regards..... Guy

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