D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

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D7100 has the "Advanced" Multi-CAM 3500DX AF sensor module...

After using a D300 for many years, I just added a D7100. I'm certainly no Nikon AF system engineer, but here is a bit of info that may be worth considering.

I’ve been doing some research about the D7100 “Advanced” Multi-CAM 3500DX autofocus sensor module.

I liked this thread (below) on the D7100 AF-C. Here is one quote…

“The second difference, starting with the D3s, using single point AF Nikon made the detection area smaller. A D3s or D4 (and I understand D600) has smaller single AF point detection areas than the D700.”

The key point being the smaller detection area (compared to the 3500DX of the D300).

Here is the link to LS’s post (threaded view) where the quote came from...


I would suggest reading through the various posts on that thread. Lot's of good feedback and experiences. Although many by now may have revised their BIF settings with the D7100.

What I’m getting out of my research is that since the “detection area” for Single Point on the D7100 is smaller than what we are used to with the D300, that it will definitely behave differently than what we are used to with a D300. For example, I noticed that Single Point works so much better for birds sitting in a tree. Whereas the D300 in Single Point would most often “nail the branches” instead of the bird. So, in this situation, the D7100 AF system appears to be "more accurate".

However, if you want to use Single Point for BIF then you "may" get a lot more misses with the D7100 than you would with the D300. This could explain why some posters on that thread were experiencing "different" results (than with D300 type AF system) with their different lenses.

Therefore, for BIF with the D7100, depending on how much of the bird can be seen in the viewfinder, I would move from using Single Point to at least 9-points or even 21-points. A few tries with 51-points could also be worthwhile.

Mansurov used 51 AF points for BIF in this review…


Hope this helps.


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