Screw on filters for FZ200

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Screw on filters for FZ200

The 200 is a  great camera IMO but a few filters can be handy at time. I generally used the midrange Hoya filters

I always have UV filters on the lenses as I don't worry about lens caps. I just lose them ;-). For me the first filter to get after the UV is a Polarizing filter; not so much to make the sky blue or bluer but they work wonders on shiny foliage. (Skies can be darkened PP btw by fiddling with the blue colour channel) They can also cut reflections in glass and water. But watch for sky evenness when using the wide end on the lens

The next filters are Neutral density (ND) filters because Panasonic forgot to add them into the camera.  These are used to give longer exposures for special effect like "milky" water or abstract photos of any movement. IMO It pays to have 2 or 3 different strengths. They can be stacked but that can also affect image quality. I have X8 (3 stops) and a NDX64 (6 stops)

>>>>>I believe the variable density filters are NOT the best

If you are thinking of stacking filters I would suggest you go up a size or two sizes so there is no vignetting; that is the filters can seen in the image corners. 58mm filter maybe enough but I would go to 62mm. Step up rings are available. My ND filters are 77mm because I had them other lens

The lumix lens hood is a pain when using filters but that's is not a problem for me as mine is in grass beside the road about a 1000 kms away :-(. My hat works just as well ;-).

That's all I have ATM although I should have a proper close-up filter. (not to be confused with the elcheapo ones). Not very interested in graduated filters as I can add/make those effects in Lightroom or by combining two or three images in CS3 (yeah old stuff lol) Photographers who use JPG and "do it in the camera" would certain benefit by using grad filters of different colours/strenght.

And make sure the filters are clean. The slightest bit of dust can show up on a lumix file; more so than would happen on dslr lens.

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Cheers IanB
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