Irrational views on SLT part duex

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Re: Irrational views on SLT part duex

Nordstjernen wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

This is for Nord/Troj:

You are both saying a "properly exposed" shot at ISO 6400 will look the same as one properly exposed at ISO 100.

Shot 1: 1/8000, ISO 6400, F/8. Camera metering was dead center for exposure.

Shot 2: 1/100, ISO 100, F/8. Camera metering was dead center for exposure.

Does anyone think these shots look identical?

You did not get the point at all!

What I say is that using the same exposure (that is: the same amount of light hitting the sensor) the end result will be almost identical!

1/8000 sec and 1/100 sec at f:8 is NOT the same exposure!

If you use 1/8000 sec and the same aperture setting for both pictures, you will get the same result after processing the raw files. Sure, the very dark ISO 100 shot must be brightened very much at post processing. Still, both pictures will show the same amount of shadow detail and noise.

This is what fixed sensor sensitivity and ISO free raw files is about.

I thought you said "if both shots were exposed properly". Not "same amount of light hitting the sensor". Big difference.

Went back and read it. You said "If you first shoot a well exposed frame at ISO 6400 and then shoot at ISO 100 with exactly the same exposure settings, the processed pictures will look almost identical - same amount of shadow detail and same amount of noise!"

In my above shots the exact or very near the same amount of light was hitting the sensor.  The exposure time was shorter in one than the other, but all other things were equal.  If the sensor was truly "ISO-less" then my above shots, metered the same from the camera, would be near identical.  They're not even close.  Sorry but ISO matters.  Besides, if an ISO 6400 shot was truly "properly exposed" then it stands to reason the ISO 100 shot would be enormously blown out.

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