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Re: Better test

Shield3 wrote:

But if I have to "pump up the exposure" then it wasn't a properly exposed shot.

None of us (Nord/Troj) have said that the low ISO exposure should look good straight from the camera.

I'm comparing 2 shots done with the same camera, same focal length, same F/stop, one right after the other. Only alternating shutter speeds, and both shots have plenty of shutter to freeze action especially at such a short focal length and F/8.

We are talking about identical amount of light hitting the sensor! Then you need to use the same exposure settings (shutter speed/aperture). ISO does not have anything to do with exposure - adjusting the ISO value doesn't alter the amount of light falling on the sensor.

The camera's metering was pegged in the middle for both shots - i.e. "properly" exposed. Why does the ISO 6400 shot look so much worse if Troj/Nord are correct?

Because you are doing someting entirely different from what we are talking about! You are using different exposure for the two frames!

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