Manual or Autofocus

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Re: Manual or Autofocus

Manual for all situations when accurate focus is needed:

- Macro
- Long telephoto lenses for static subjects and nature scenes
- Long telephoto lenses for bor\ds on the ground and slow moving animals
- Portrait photography outdoor and indoor, especially when using shallow dof
- All kind of product photography
- Panning (pre-focus)

Autofocus for:

- Fast moving subjects, like BIF, running animals, sports, etc.
  (Spot AF area or Center AF area, AF-C, depends on the subject and how buissy the background is)
  (Also using AF limiter with the A99)
- Children playing and scenes where perfect focus isn't that important

After getting the A55/A77/A99 with EVF and excellent tools for precise manual focusing, I have reduced the use of AF a lot.

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