Can we talk about composition?

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Flat view
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Can we talk about composition?

I know composition isn't about gear and this is a gear forum but once one has mastered camera settings and equipment the like composition is what it is all about.

I am no expert but I think composition is very important to the overall effect of the image, and the image is what it is all about.

So I would be interested to discuss composition. Hopefully others will also be interested.

Obviously I know about the rule of thirds, who does not, and I take the argument to put a single subject off centre, most of the time. However there are lots of other aspects to composition.

When I spy a leading line, I tend to try and make it come from one of the corners.

Shooting casual portraits or candids, I will often tilt the camera perhaps fifteen degrees off vertical to give a slightly more dynamic leaning back or forward look.

Someone said before you press the shutter to take a look around the edges of the viewfinder, I don't always remember to do this but when I do I often find something that should not be there and reframe.

Also I have heard it said (I forget by whom) that painting is the art of deciding what to include and photography is the art of deciding what to exclude. Is there any truth in that?

I watched a landscapes presentation some time ago and noticed this particular photographer almost always excluded the sky, the scapes were all about the land and exposing for the land. I quite liked that although I do like a dramatic sky.

Anyhow, a thread on composition, discussion, examples and debate all welcome.


Flat view
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