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Re: But why?

John Michael Winterbourne wrote:

"FF EOS cameras are big, clunky, heavy, soul-stealing nerd cameras. Not even a body cap lens could make them discrete or portable, so I don't see the point of using legacy lenses on them unless you have a specific lens in mind with specific qualities. Like I recently got a Helios 44-2 for its renowned swirly bokeh."

I sort of agree. I'm a long term Nikon user, and the MF bug has been with me for a long time. For nearly as long as that I have had a bee in my bonnet about the negative comments about using M42 lenses on Nikon bodies, with the need for the optical adapter to get infinity focus. I've never found it much of a problem, struggled to quantify it, and finally got fed up enough with the "why do that, the IQ loss with the adapter makes it a waste of time" to do something about it.

So 10 days ago I finally bought a 2nd hand 5D with a view to doing some comparisons - same lens, with optical adapter on the D700 and 5D with a plain adapter. That's work in progress (looking good so far, but that will be a different thread, and most likely on the Nikon forums).

I've joined in here because I have a raft of really nice CZJ glass - including e.g. a 28/2.8 Flektogon, 50/1.4, and 80/1.8. All in Praktica Bayonet mount (and given the OP, not particularly cheap I must say). I've been something of a nerd this last week, trying to see if I can get them to work on the 5D, and last night I managed it (a 135/2.8) and it works. It was a destructive mod, to get rid of a metal aperture link lever and a little plastic rim to avoid catching the mirror. I now know that I could have done that one (and will do the rest) non-destructively.

I'm not sure I'm going to own up to being a nerd if I take the 5D out on the street with other glass, but unless I'm going to go back to film with my Praktica bodies (and I'm not, any street film I do will be with an F3!), the 5D is just the job - there's no chance with the D700, register distance is too far out in the wrong direction. Nerdy or not!

I'll finish with a possible suggestion - I had an Auto Sears 50/1.4 on the D700, with optical adapter, on Sunday and I loved it. There's a caveat though, the D700's mirror is more forgiving than the 5D's so it might not work on that. More experienced Canon peeps will know how things are for the 6D I think I've read more forgiving?. So how about one that will work - a CZJ 50/2.8 Tessar? Cheap as chips in M42, and would be fine on your Canon. Not quite as small as a body cap, but really quite petite.... (Sorry if that was already on the OP's list, I don't know how o check mid-reply.)

The 6D has a similar thick mirror frame. So comparable results. The D700's mirror is not more forgiving, the adapter you are using just puts the lens further away from the mirror (and sensor, hence the need for optics)....

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