What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

sounds pretty reasonable review to me .. if you trawl through the forums you will find the same issues raised again and again in relation to the NEX with manual lenses, no surprise Sony hasnt dealt with them in its FF mirrorless.

1.if you try the fuji quasi split screen focusing, this is excellent for use with manual lenses far better than focus peeking ... with brightish short tele lenses (>50mm) I find it extremely difficult on the NEX to get accurate focus (small DOF) on moving or snap shots with just focus peeking .. i tend to use magnification and prefocus as the only real way to get a reasonable chance of in focus shots

2. anyone using manual lenses >50mm on the NEX shouts for Sony to allow users to set a manual shutter speed, its a real pain in the ass when using manual short tele lenses as the sony logic defaults to 1/60 sec before iso'ing up far to slow to avoid camera shake or motion blur

3. buggering around with everything on manual including focus might be o.k. for tripod mounted macro/lanscape shots but for anything that moves it makes it very difficult to even have a change of a sharp focus shots with bright lenses.

moving to FF with virtually no native AF FF lenses and the expected increase in camera shake risk  it's pretty shocking that Sony havnt even put in the new FF  firmware a user settable min shutter speed - hopefully Sony will one day do a firmware update for NEX/FF which will be a big boon for all tele manual lens users.

If I were starting from scratch looking to get in to FF personally I wouldnt get the A7 because i still have doubts over the AF speed, eventual availability of OIS/AF bright tele lenses and all the annoying "bugs" always in a V1 product.  If however I just shot static scenes (macro/landscape/portrait) then I would probably take a punt on the A7 as its well priced, compact and i wouldnt really need AF/OIS native lenses.

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