Irrational views on SLT part duex

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Re: Irrational views on SLT part duex

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote: "A difference of four stops that you arrived at is huge, and extremely unlikely."

How do you then explain the ISO 6400 with the shot and histogram I posted? Are you willing to concede it was probably at least 3 stops worse than your NBA game lighting?

I cannot assume the difference is three stops in the lighting. It could be that some of it is at least due to how your camera meters a particular scene and how it applies ISO selection. We have seen this argument with how Olympus is promoting high ISO capabilities in its newer cameras.

The other part is your reluctance to using anything but high shutter speed even though the situation does not warrant it. You are doing so at the expense of DR which is central to your argument. Why not use a lower ISO for better DR if that is a key factor?

I like the ball being frozen. Why does that mean the situation doesn't warrant it?  How else are you going to freeze it? The lighting is just pretty bad in there - a buddy of mine shoots indoor soccer with a 6d and has trouble as well.

The most challenging condition for action that I have encountered is at an indoor rodeo show. I failed to get tickets last night to a big one but may go for one over the weekend or next. I may have to look around for a Canon shooter to see how the camera meters to either of mine (a55 or NEX-6 w/SLT). The arena is quite limited in light. My only experience so far (and couple of years ago) suggests 1600, f/2.8, 1/250s in decently lit sections (lighting can be uneven and usually darker). With this motion blur is often guaranteed.

Basketball movement is far slower IMO and more often than not, the ball may not be the focal point and will drop a shade outside the DOF (blur vs motion blur). The player movement is usually much greater key.

With night baseball, I have used 1/1250s to almost freeze a fast ball but not quite (ISO 1600, f/2.8 in that case). Will try 1/2000s next time.

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