What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

SonyA7r wrote:

Why would the reviewer used cheap Vivitar lens? DP doesn't even review this lens. This review is a blatant bashing of Sony which is against the forum rules!


Well - no -- it's not a bashing . its just the title which is wrong .. that article should read

"crap in -- crap out: how crap MF lenses work out on a modern digital FF sensor."

Taking into consideration A7 Image threads like the one Fred Miranda, where ~90% of *wow* images have been shot with quality MF legacy lenses, this is a rather sad article.

And to anyone who has been using MF lenses on the Sony NEX series over the last years it would seem that the author has absolutely no idea about what he is talking here.

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