The sun and SEL1670Z, they just can't be friend

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The sun and SEL1670Z, they just can't be friend

Yesterday I tested the SEL1670Z against the sun, to verify some problems that I first saw a few weeks ago.

Summing up, the worst defect of this lens is the insane amount of flare when shooting against the sun. The amount and the quality of flare hugely variates in function of the focal, the aperture and the sun position. It can go as bad as the following shot:

or as good as in the next shot:

There are two very small green blobs, visible also without going full-size, but they can be easily fixed in pp as they were dust spots. Unfortunately, even in this "good shot" notice the very long diagonal streak from the upper-left to the lower-right, very different from the other streaks (BTW, the horizontal one at the left side is not a streak, but a very thin cloud) and rather unpleasing.

Both the previous shots were at f/4; stopping down doesn't help:

Basically the streak is always there, always the same angle, sometimes less and sometime more pronounced, at all focals between f/4 and f/8 (smaller apertures introduce other kinds of artefacts, which I've already posted in the past).

You might think that shooting at the sun still relatively high is a very hard test - maybe, and actually I seldom do this for a true photographic purpose. Unfortunately, the problem is still there when the sun is lower (posted in the past). Only when the sun is veiled the problem is less evident and at the optimal focal/aperture it can be negligible. The next time I'll try with a neutral filter to see if it can mitigate it. Also I've not tried a deliberate under-exposure.

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