GX7 to California. What lenses?

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If you plan to take photos of family while here

you'll need a good flash.  It is very bright and contrasty all day and nearly impossible to take those 'we were there' shots without flash.  I never remember to bring mine to Yosemite and always regret it.  Luckily summer is fog time and that helps along the coast.

The only other lens you need is something wide angle.

You could get the Oly 12-50 or Panny 14-45 zoom or the Oly 12, a really nice lens.  The Panny is a bit sharper but the Oly zoom has a useful wider angle and macro function.   Or, get Oly 9-18 or Panny 7-14.  The Panny is again a sharper lens, but the Oly is more versatile with the 18mm long end - you can use this lens as an easy walk around lens.

You might also look at Oly 40-150 or equiv Panny lens rather than your 100-300 zoom.  The longer zoom is great for hawks, coyotes, etc., but you may not want to carry such weight/size around when traveling.  And something a little less long works better in the cities (either 45mm also works well).

Consider a polarizer and/or ND filter. You don't generally need to worry about blue skies but polarizers are useful for other things and ND filter would be useful for larger apertures and blurring water.

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