What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

I found his article very useful.  Since there are so few native FF lenses, some people choosing to spend the money on this camera will have the idea that they will be able to use it with their favorite old FF manual lenses.

That's why I bought a used NEX 7 (no intention of buying native AF lenses for it.)

The issues he mentions are the same ones I have with using the NEX.  For some applications, I wish the magnified view was easier to use, and that I didn't have to play with the peaking menu so often, but I've usually focused my MF cameras with a matt screen, so its not too bad.  I wish the VF was larger though or could fit the Sony VF magnifier that I use with my A-mount OVF cameras (why Sony can't make things like that compatible, I still don't understand). I also find the cramped buttons make it more difficult to hold the camera so I can make setting changes while holding the camera to my eye.  The way it is enhances my tendency for camera shake (that I don't have with my MF and AF cameras.)

He didn't complain about the image quality from the camera, but the ergonomics - which is something that Sony doesn't seem to prioritize compared with the gee-wiz stuff such as "smallest"...

Did I learn anything new, no, because I have a NEX that I use with my fun lenses.  Would someone who has no experience with Sony products, but has a bunch of old lenses that they want to use - I think so.  It is then up to them to decide if the ergonomic issues will be too much of a pain, or if they have to try before they buy.

I did find it humorous when he (and some commenters) said that all Sony has to do is issue a couple of firmware fixes and appeared confident that would do so.


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