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Re: But why?

JackM wrote:

You don't really say. You seem to be looking for lenses to cover mutually exclusive purposes. Using manual focus lenses on a FF SLR is best for landscape or static subjects. If you want legacy mf lenses for your XE-1, it would be best to go for rangefinder type lenses which will be smaller and lighter and will mount elegantly with a slim adapter. This will be better for street photography and anywhere that discretion and portability is important. Mounting SLR lenses on your XE-1 will require a big clunky adapter that also makes up for the much longer flange distance.

So I guess I would advise you to pick one set of uses and concentrate on buying great lenses for that first. Fuji makes bold claims about its sensors surpassing FF. They're great, but it simply isn't true, I have both. So if you crave maximum IQ at 100% view, forget about the XE-1 when buying MF lenses. On the other hand, if you crave discretion and portability, then concentrate on rangefinder lenses for the XE-1 and forget about the 6D.

Enjoy that aspect of photography for a while and save up for the other. Or if money is no object, then heck, do whatever you want.

You've intuited my reasons quite well. It's mostly for my Fuji X camera. But I'd like to use the MF lenses on my Canon as well, particularly in situations when I don't want to lug around my heavier lenses (even the 24-105mm lens can get tiring after a while).

I have not looked at rangefinder lenses carefully, but my understanding is that they're expensive.

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