Some confusion re assigning a source profile...

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Re: Some confusion re assigning a source profile...

Droppingin wrote:

In general, you want to work with the largest color space possible but it also depends on the capture space too. What is your camera color space set to?

If you are capturing images in sRGB then your working space should be sRGB. However, to get the largest gamut your camera should be set to raw capture, processed in your convertor of choice, and then kept in the largest space like ProPhotoRGB or aRGB.

For example, my work flow is camera capture in raw, convert the image in Adobe Camera Raw, then bring the image into Photoshop in ProphotoRGB. Once processed in PS and the images are destined for the internet, I convert to sRGB before leaving PS. If files are for print, I print from PS in ProPhotoRGB.

If you are using Lightroom, its native working space is ProPhotoRGB so there is no conversion needed.

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I am shooting with a Sigma SD15, always raw, converted by their specialized software (SPP). I will have to check at home what profile is used when they convert to jpgs. Thanks for your comments...


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