Some confusion re assigning a source profile...

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Re: Some confusion re assigning a source profile...

Taurus43 wrote:

In a normal workflow you should never need to assign a profile. If you shoot JPEGs your camera will embed the profile that you select - normally sRGB by default but maybe ARGB by choice. If you shoot RAW then your raw converter will embed the profile of your choice - sRGB, ARGB or ProPhotoRGB. The working space (profile) defines the relationship between RGB values and actual colours.

If you assign a different profile then the RGB values will stay the same but the colours will change. This is what you are seeing when you assign ARGB to your image which (I assume) was captured/converted in sRGB. If the image was indeed captured/converted in sRGB then assigning ARGB will certainly make the colours more saturated but it will make them wrong! If you want them to look even more way out just try assigning ProPhotoRGB - even more wrong!

If your prints, by which I assume you mean prints made on your printer, are less punchy than lab prints then I think you need to look elsewhere for the reason. Assuming of course that you are comparing prints of the same image, in the same colour space.

They are definitely my prints, done on a Epson 3880 which I just purchased a month ago. What other factors would you suggest are responsible for the muted colors? Particularly the blues.


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