X100S Large print capabilities

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Re: X100S Large print capabilities

There's a good amount of subjectivity when judging prints at various sizes. You can easily make a great billboard print from a low level point and shoot camera and it will look outstanding from the street due to the distance you are away from it, as has been mentioned.

Also, a good professional lab can up-sample a low res or small file and produce a print whose quality is better than anything you could do with Photoshop or various PS plug-ins since their software is much more powerful. That's not to say it would look as good as a medium format file, but it will be pretty good.

You can take a file, do or have someone work on it in a program like Corel Painter so it looks more like a painting and then have a lab print on large format canvas or fabric. I've had that done several times.

And then there's what you personal determine to be a respectable print when you look at it.

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