For those who doubt about a 7D

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Re: For those who doubt about a 7D

BarnET wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

BarnET wrote:

The doubts of the 7D come from it's aging sensor at higher ISO's.

All these shots were at low ISO's and the bird taken at ISO800 looks a tad soft.

The wing flipping duck is brilliant(gadwall nr2). But it was taken under great lighting conditions.

Nothing here kills the concerns about the 7D in 2014.

Skilled, talented photographers doing great work aren't always concerned about the absolute latest and greatest tech. Knowing their equipment and how to get the most from it is far more important.

I agree on your sentiments here. The photographer makes the picture not the camera. However no one can deny that the Apsc sensors from the competition show more latitude in post and higher resolution.

These things can really help make a picture even better. Canon has failed by showing no improvements in this regard for over 4 years.

You said to have no reason to upgrade your 7D after 4 years. Which is probably the right thing to do because you must leave behind your beloved lenses if you want to gain something significant.

I think that if Canon would be using new fabs or buys Sony/Toshiba sensors your opinion will change very quickly in this regard.


If the question is about the rationality of buying a new camera, it has to do with benefits versus costs. How much of a benefit anyone would actually get from the latest Sony sensor over, say, the 7D sensor, depends on how many of their shots at low ISO would look better with significant (more than 3 stops) boosting of shadows, how much better they would look, whether, and how easily, they could get the same look in final output from the careful use of NR software, how much difference to the final output would be made by the increase in resolution from 18MP to 24MP, and so on. For almost everyone, any benefits would only appear in a vanishingly small number of cases, and the size of the benefits would also be exceedingly small. The costs of getting a new camera with the different sensor depend both on the straight financial costs, and whether there are aspects of the new body that are worse than the corresponding aspects of the 7D. For many 7D owners, a switch to Nikon or Pentax would involve significant costs of the latter sort, as well as the financial costs of buying a new camera and replacing all their lenses. It's hard to believe that these costs would ever be sufficiently outweighed by the really small benefits I've already explained as to make the switch rational. A 7DII with a new sensor with the admittedly small benefits of the current Sony sensors, some other improvements (AF? Speed?), and nothing worse than the 7D, would at least eliminate two of the costs of switching systems (replacing lenses and losing desired features of the 7D). There would still be the considerable cost of buying a new camera. So the decision to upgrade from a 7D to a 7DII may still be irrational, but not as massively irrational as the decision to switch systems. But if consumers always behaved rationally, most corporations would go out of business.

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