Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Of course shutter shock matters

Guy Parsons wrote:

Anders W wrote:

So is such "religious fanatism" what you would say distinguished the small group who first insisted that mother earth is round rather than flat and that she is moving rather than stationary from all those who said that such couldn't be the case because they didn't "experience" it?

Heh, heh. Just watched some doco about the universe and not only is the universe infinite in size, it seems that infinity is getting bigger as the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Next move they want prove is the theory that there are an infinite number of infinite universes within or surrounding this infinite universe. I think my ideas of infinity just got a bit bigger.

We don't experience any of this but the tech heads have the proof. Believe it.

Meanwhile has anybody with a camera with a focal plane shutter ever felt the vibration in their hands? I thought that was bleeding obvious and must be the cause of some image mischief if some certain conditions are met.

Guy, this is the perfect time to introduce your new product.

Guy Parsons Guaranteed Pure Australian Wool Damping Mittens,, available in different strengths, for the discerning photographer.

I'll take two pair, please.

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