I am probably getting a 6D, but I don't really want one

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Re: I am probably getting a 6D, but I don't really want one

I do not like gazing at the world through my viewfinder. I prefer to stand straight and use my eyes as nature intended. I dislike squinting through a box. I find this act shuts me away from the world.

Fine with a 40MM lens. Doesn't work to well w/a 12MM or 300MM, does it?

Instead, I like to see things with my eyes, then lift the camera just as I am about to take the image, fire, and then drop it away again. A single movement, it takes mere seconds.

How do you frame and achieve focus in seconds? How to do you check exposure per your comments below? "Mere seconds" is longer than it takes to chimp, which you complain about. Mere seconds, and that shot is gone.

I really can't visualize your technique. Do you hold the camera at arms length like a zombie, spinning around until you see something you like on the back LCD?

Not for me , the screwed up face and pressed up nose of peering through a peep hole for too long. Not for me, the act of placing a large black box, like a mask upon my face, so people cannot see me.

It helps me concentrate by blocking out everything except what I'm photographing. I'm in the scene. To each his own.

An EVF offers me the benefit of immediately sensing that is all is well with a potential picture. I know immediately if the WB is wonky or the EXP Comp needs a tweak - all BEFORE I fire the shutter. With a 6D I will have to get used to chimping again. I hate chimping. It often brings regret, because the moment has already passed when you realize that something was not quite right.

You're confused. To use a EVF you have to look through one of those little black boxes you hate, only you're even further removed from your subject. Did you mean a back LCD like liveview?

Shoot RAW and you don't have to worry about exp comp as much, and no worries about WB.

I can chimp and get another shot before you get the camera up, focused, framed, and exposed.

Also, the 6D lacks a tilting rear screen. Another regret.
I don't want an EM-1.
I don't want an A7. I already have some Sony gear, but I dislike the loud shutter of the A7's.

Sounds like there's a lot of things you don't want. I highly recommend that you adjust to the tools, and not the other way around. Nothing is perfect.

Only one camera may stop me from the 6D - the new FujiFilm XT-1. It is practically as good as Full Frame and has the EVF I prefer.

Surely I can't be the only one who wishes Canon would make something that embraces some of these excellent developments?

No. I use a wide variety of lenses, and need speed, speed, and more speed. Not seconds to take a shot. Not holding a camera out at arms length. Not squinting to see a screen in sunlight.

So do you shoot all your shots at eye level or do you crawl around in the mud like a war correspondent to get them? Let me guess, everything's eye level?

What if he wanted to shoot something like his kids at a park in the snow while interacting with them, and not have every picture looking down at them? Sometimes it sucks not using LV or an articulating screen. It always amazes me how these forums are filled with people that only shoot certain subjects, and one way, and anyone who does it different must be a loon. And what if its a busy park? You don't want to shut off your surroundings, can't shut them off as you are part of the scene? A camera glued to your face sucks. Step outside your little world for a minute before acting like an old man returning cold soup at a deli.

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