What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

LTZ470 wrote:

A7r needs native lens quickly, folks are losing interest...I even tried the Sigma 70-300 with the LA-EA4 adapter and it focuses (and hunts) so much slower than the EM1 100-300 it is ridiculous...also shot to shot is not even a competition...IQ is better with EM1 100-300 due to the fact it is fast enough to get the shot when the A7R can't...

Love the idea, the innovation, and the camera, but losing interest fast...no AF lens = loser for me and many others....kudos to all you good folks that love MF...

Waiting on a UW and the 24-70 to materialise...

Isn't that the beautiful thing about competition and choice? You need a mature system to satisfy you, so what the heck are you sticking your nose around in a brand new system and whining about? Sell your camera, come back in 6 months time, or don't... (we wouldn't care, not sure how much Sony would either). What would you have expected an innovative camera company to do? Increase their risk of failure, debts, and chance of letting crap go unchecked by stretching all their resources into launching a full-fledged system on day 1? This is a 2-month-old system and it's not yet February or March when the Zeiss lenses were slated to launch. If waiting a max of 4-8 weeks more is really so significant that you are ready to shelve all the other benefits you claim to appreciate, then really the problem isn't the system, it's you. I mean, you have so many other cameras able to shoot the exact same shots you currently lament aren't possible on the A7, so why aren't you shooting with those? Talk about ridiculous sense of entitlement.

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