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NewForce wrote:

Sony "surprises" this year will be just renaming their abandoned NEX camera line to Alpha naming. So instead of new NEX-5"Z", it's going to name as A-7000 or something like that, nothing special.

regardless of how much innovative Sony will be, the truth is that there is little good glass for NEX. And the one that is is mostly very expensive.

For Fuji, they banging on copycat the old film camera design, just like Nikon Df. A design with plenty of highly dense and tiny wording which can be faded, is going to make the cameras less appealing and less value by the time go by. I(we?) have gone through the same pain in the axx trouble in the film, ain't going to do it again. I'm not saying it was a failure approach, but then it's nothing new or special but probably troubles.

I am also not into this retro style. I like wheels to adjust parameters (and I miss 2nd one in NX300 a lot) but I check the value on screen or in EVF and not on top of camera - I prefer to see the composition all the time.

Additionally, AF is not the best (and rather poor up to XM-1), what is usually important. They don't have touch AF which for me is important. No articulated screen. Not even level gauge in lower models. I am not very impressed by fuji.

What they have and Samsung doesn't is fast glass. Glass is important. What they don't is pancake glass. Pancake is important but apparently not as much as fast glass judging from response to fuji offering.

For Olympus, they have deviated from their original M43 philosophy. They are small and most important can be cheaply manufacture body and lenses. Also they banging on the old film camera design new camera not only didn't really work out much to surprise the market. But doing so, think they more probably scaring away more customer with all the clumsy plenty dials and buttons operation cameras. And then the 2x CF really swaying many consumers decisions.

m4/3 glass is to expensive for what it offers. Light 1.8 for brightest Oly lenses is not impressive at all, esp. given sensor size.

I like u4/3 and like small lenses it offers but ultimately I see a lot of negative perception because of small sensor. Future is unclear.

Well for Panasonic, think they focus and concentrate more on their home appliances, not that much in DC. Their DC aimed mostly on casual DC consumer instead of enthusiast photographer.

Panasonic offers very good consumer oriented u4/3 cameras - very fast AF, very good metering, very good ergonomics, innovative (gx7, gm1), even reasonably priced (gf6). They also have a good glass like 2.8 zoom, 2 bright and sharp leicas, wide zoom 7-14, pancakes etc. I think they have very good offering with 2 issues:

- lens prices is high

- consumer lines G and GF (6) were not updated with new sensors and they lagging behind premium GH3 and GX7

I hope they stay in business because value of G line like G6 is very high (good EVF in this price segment).

In the end mirrorless market is crowded. I see fuji making very good promotions for x line in UK (x-m1 + 15-50 could be had for 200gbp which is a bargain; now they have it for 440 with long kit). I see a need for Samsung to push with promotions as well to build market share. Their products are matching competitors (there are pros and cons for all manufacturers), they have unique pancake offering - now please update it frequently (I'm fine with what we see now just please more transparency, maybe roadmap) and please build volume and run discounts, offer various kit options etc. E.g. Panasonic offers kit with good superzoom 14-140, zoom 14-42, zoom 12-32, two zooms, pancake 20mm etc. This give incetives to buy new bodies as lenses in kits are chaeper.

And also - please release good quality travel zoom. Not very bight but good quality. and Cheaper than 18-200mm. It's important for many.

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