What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

Tone Row wrote:

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

I think this review is rather fair in exposing the limitations of the focus peaking system, and it ends with "if you're mainly just having fun, like me, then there's a lot of pleasure to be had in attaching weird and wonderful lenses to these cameras". It's not bashing the camera.

It's fair if all that is available is low-end old lenses without modern coatings. It's not fair, however, to use low-end old lenses without modern coatings to point out issues with focus peaking that are only caused by using low-end old lenses without modern coatings.

See where I'm going here?

It's not a comprehensive review, I agree. And it's not a very professional review either, since it points out only the obvious. Still, it's a good introduction for those who know little to nothing of the topic and points out real limitations of the system.

I'm not saying it's a good review as it's actually rather superficial, but it points out that using cheap old lenses won't do you any good, which is what several people might expect from the camera. It fails to show how good results can be achieved with newer MF lenses.

Personally I can't tell this either, I just got a new MF lens (Ultron 40mm F2) but I'm waiting for the adapter.

Had he used good quality high-contrast sharp lenses he wouldn't have had "issues" with focus peaking. So I'm leaning toward biased on this one though it may not have been entirely intentional. It would have been more balanced if he had at least used one modern MF lens.

As I wrote in my comment before, my Minolta 58mm F1.2 works wonders even wide open with focus peaking, but I do agree that average to good lenses might put you in trouble in low light situations.

Maybe what should be said is: focus peaking won't magically turn a mediocre photographer into a MF master (I know cause I still unsuccessfully try to take shots of my 17 months old son with MF lenses and miserably fail most of the times )

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