What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

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Re: What a bias A7/r review using third party lens!

SonyA7r wrote:

Why would the reviewer used cheap Vivitar lens? DP doesn't even review this lens. This review is a blatant bashing of Sony which is against the forum rules!


I think this review is rather fair in exposing the limitations of the focus peaking system, and it ends with "if you're mainly just having fun, like me, then there's a lot of pleasure to be had in attaching weird and wonderful lenses to these cameras". It's not bashing the camera.

But I agree that some comments are a bit off like talking of paid jobs and MF lenses. Who in his right mind would do a paid job with MF lenses on ANY body these days (with the exception of some REALLY good photographers)? This is not an A7(R) issue. According to the reviewer the cameras don't allow to use legacy lenses as expected from the reviewer. Is there any other camera that really does it that much better? Of course the reviewer lacks a bit of experience with this technology, but so do many people buying the A7(R). Not all of them come from years using a NEX camera.

The real error of the reviewer is forgetting to say that the A7(R) allows much better use of the legacy lenses than the original film cameras did. I wish he tried to focus the Hexanon F1.2 with an OVF. THEN he would have out of focus images...

I often use a Minolta XD with a 58mm F1.2 lens. I have plenty of slightly OOF images taken wide open and I can only wish I had focus peaking on that camera

By the way, I do have the Hexanon lens he mentions and many others, I do have film cameras, the A7 and have a long experience with focus peaking on a NEX5N. This review tells nothing new imho.

As a final thought though, he used pretty bad lenses. The Hexanon 57mm F1.2 (as well as the 40mm F1.8) "glow" wide open. No chance for the focus peaking to see anything more than a human eye could. But when I use my Minolta 58mm at F1.2, the focus peaking feature DOES work pretty well.

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