Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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You need to be able to...

You need to be able to lead any shutter-related vibrations out of the camera body. If you are able to do that, then a risk of seeing any shutter shock effect is greatly reduced.

What I learnt to do with my GH2 with a 14-140mm II attached is to press it hard against a hard surface whenever possible (with shutter speeds below 1/500). This allows the vibrations to escape the GH2 body and the shutter shock is non-existent (OIS is off). So I am not surprised hearing that the additional battery grip did the same thing for you. More mass, more difficult for the vibrations to shake the body.

Here is a picture taken with GH2 and 14-140mm at full zoom. The camera was pressed against hard concrete surface. If you were able to see a full-res version of this hot you would see per-pixel detail. Not a trace of any shutter shock, which is otherwise quite pronounced on a GH2 which does not provide any eShutter option.

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