Sony SLT-A77 Questions (how to get good high-iso images easily)

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Re: Sony SLT-A77 Questions (how to get good high-iso images easily)

cformont wrote:

Here's a YouTube video of A77 - High ISO tests. Holds up pretty good.


I didn't find the video all that informative, plus you resurrected a thread that's very long and over a year old. The high ISO performance of the a77 has been discussed to death on this forum and we will end up repeating all the pro and con arguments all over again in this thread if we're not careful. I'm a fan of the a77 and I enjoy using mine very much, but I have to say my ISO 6400 shots don't look as good as the ones in the video you linked to - possibly because the ones in the video, at high ISO, don;t feature a lot of fine detail that could be lost by NR and the limitations of the sensor at high ISO. Having said that, the video prompted me to look at my ISO 6400 a77 shots again- they really are pretty noisy, but LR does a good job of crushing the chroma noise, and what's left is a lot of luma noise, but it has a rather film-grain quality to it, which is not unpleasant, and what you see at 100% pixel peeping view is not what you see on a massive HD TV/monitor or when you print, so we really shouldn't obsess about what these raws look like at 100%.

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