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Re: A little confused

DonSC wrote:

dickg1 wrote:

Being a "glutton for punishment", I repeated the entire series of tests with the battery grip removed. For all intents and purposes, the results were pretty much the same.

Pretty much the same as when the grip was on or pretty much the same when the grip was off? Not quite clear what you're saying.

He's saying one of two  things: either the mass of the GH3 was sufficient enough to dampen the vibrations already without the grip, therefore the grip did no help, or the shutter shock was so much that even the grip made no difference. Either way, the results were the same with or without the grip.

To some extent it doesn't matter. Seems like what you experienced was shake from hand holding. If you get blurring with the camera on a tripod or attached to your body then adding a tiny bit of mass in the form of a grip shouldn't matter. On the other hand, a grip lets you hold the camera much steadier. If the blur disappeared on the second set of tests that's just adjusting to holding the camera, which we've seen before.

I think the shutter shock issue is legit, it makes sense especially since we are discussing small light mirrorless cameras. Shutter shock is the same as mirror slap in DSLRs, it is an internal vibration that can soften the photo. Longer SS tend to be affected more, longer FL as well. Lighter cameras are more prone too. It's not rocket science, DSLR users have been delusional for a long time about mirror slap. More weight helps, less vibration helps. This is the concept behind E shutters, and mirrorless in general.

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