Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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It's the shutter or the way the body transmits vibrations, not the grip/mass

I had a PZ 14-42, which exhibited terrible softness from shutter shock when used with the mechanical shutter on my G3. It was sharp on the G5 with the electronic shutter, and just about as sharp on my E-M5, due to its softer mechanical shutter action (which is also much quieter than the shutter on most Panasonic cameras). There is no substantial difference in mass between the E-M5 and the G3.

It seems very unlikely that the shutter shock is powerful enough to shake your hand, which is where the grip or mass of the camera might make a difference. It might be that the build quality of the GH3 somewhat buffers the vibrations, so they are reduced before they reach the lens.

amtberg wrote:

I think the mass of the camera does matter, but in this case the difference may be more down to the GH3 having a different (possibly softer) shutter mechanism. I shoot with a GH3 and have observed shutter shock with all of my lenses. It's significant with a few of them (14-42x in particular) and insignificant in a few others (Oly 45mm, Voigt 25mm). I do use the electronic shutter unless there's a good reason not to.

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