Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Re: Of course shutter shock matters

"I think that shutter shock blur is present in every single photo from every m43 camera and people just except this mediocre level of sharpness because they don't know any better, but of course shutter shock becomes randomly becomes worse in certain circumstances, especially when using the two-axis IBIS."

Awesome post. This is just laughable considering m43 has only been around a few years and most m43 photographers have used many other cameras before and during that time. How did this work in my case? I have been shooting Canon and Nikon DSLRs several point and shoots (Fuji, Panasonic, Canon) for years. I switched to m43 only two years ago (even shooting a Nikon D7000 alongside for a while) and suddenly I can live with mediocre sharpness without even realizing that sharp isn't sharp anymore?

People may experience shutter shock, okay. But to say that the small group that has this problem with their camera/lens combo has the ultimate knowledge of how it should be and the rest is just blind makes you the religiously fanatic. To go out and proclaim to have the truth about a whole system seems pretty narrow-minded to me. And your comparison to darwin is a joke. Darwins studies on evolution wer important. You are talking about blurred pictures. Get a grip.

At least it is good to hear that you found a camera that suits your needs. Have fun with it.

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