Shutter Shock - Size DOES Matter!

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Of course shutter shock matters

It's unfortunate that the subject causes cognitive dissonance in so many posters on this forum, who view their camera system more like a religion than a camera. The ire that's seen here when someone mentions shutter shock reminds me of the ire of fundamentalist Christians when someone mentions Darwin's theory of evolution.

I've never experienced REAL sharpness in a photo until I left my m43 equipment behind and bought a Ricoh GR. I was blown away by how much sharper my photos where than any photos I've taken with m43 gear, even when using supposedly good prime lenses.

I think that one of the secrets of the superiority of the GR is that it uses a leaf shutter instead of the vibration-inducing focal plane shutters in m43 cameras. Anyway, my technique can't possibly be better with the GR, I often hold it one-handed. I should have much better technique when I use a camera with a viewfinder to my eye and hold it with both hands, right?

I think that shutter shock blur is present in every single photo from every m43 camera and people just except this mediocre level of sharpness because they don't know any better, but of course shutter shock becomes randomly becomes worse in certain circumstances, especially when using the two-axis IBIS.

On my to-do list one day is to use my Panasonic G5 with  the e-shutter option on, and use the 17mm lens (I think it's the sharpest m43 lens i own) to see if this enables properly sharp photos that I can't get with other m43 cameras. I don't like the G5 very much, it's a very cheap-feeling camera, but I'm curious.

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