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Re: a7r shutter vibration discussion (RRS L-plate...)

tn1krr wrote:

captura wrote:

Beating a dead horse to death!

No one has ever presented any evidence of SS on the A7R. Last week Sony pronounced that it was not an issue.

The beauty of blind denial. There has been a lot of tests already showing the shutter vibration effects on the pictures, but I quess a "true believer" will always find a way to deny them. Personally I find the excuses pretty hilarious, for example

- "you are using an adapted lens in test so it does not count". I have personally seen the vibration on Sony 55-210 on my A7R and that was pretty bad. A Sony sticker on the lens/adapter does not negate basic phyhics that this issue is about. I have the LA-EA4 and is anything it has more slack than for example Metabones Smart Adapter Mark III.

- "the tester is biased" Many of these tests have been made by qualified pros: LLoyd Chambers, David Killpatric for example. Lloyd is (this sometimes pains fanboys of all manufacturers) very independent/honest and David is pro-Sony if anything

I received a packet from RRS yesterday (A7 L-plate, Long lens support, some clamps) and can now test a few more different things related to this. Initial findings

- The RRS L Plate for A7(R) is the first method of attaching an Arca Swiss head to A7R that is really solid. I tried a lot of different generic plates before but due to slimness of A7R body there always seemed to be a tiny bit of play on the connection.

- for portrait orientation the RRS L-plate may need a little tweaking. It is very solid but it could be tiny bit more. I'll test and propably fabricate small cushion between the vertical Arca connector and camera body from Sugru

- initial test with long lens support looks good. With one I could propably get much better results from likes of 55-210. Gonna use that one for focus stacking etc. with the Canon 100/2.8L IS just in case. Not saying this is an all-conquering solution but a light/flimsy tele is sure gonna benefit from one

Not one of these well-paid 'experts' who have come up with this nonsense without one shred of evidence to support SS in the A7R. Journalistic opportunists and hacks. Eith present some thing solid or please discontinue. It's been tossed around too often on this forum and of course, the M43 forum where the E-M1 supporters love it.

Now I have nothing to gain here; I don't even like the A7/r as you know. Except the truth.

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