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Re: Ken Rockwell's vision

Its his website, his pictures, he can present them any way he wants. Its art, there is no right or wrong, its your vision. I find his information sometimes useful, sometimes way off (I think a tripod is always better if you can, that one really gets to me). I sometimes notice that I may have my saturation a bit high, there are a lot of factors that can influence your editing including mood, ambient light, and how you remember things.

I had a contract for a couple of years working for one of the printer manufactures and I gave them some samples to use to demo their printer. The pictures were already bumping the limits of what I would consider acceptable saturation and they cranked it way on up. What do you do, they liked it.

I remember reading a story once about Ansel Adams going back and looking at some of his prints and he couldn't believe how dark he printed everything during that stretch.

Another story once someone commented on one of my pictures being too saturated and liking it to "Disney Colors".  I explained to him that the picture and edit had been published full page in Outdoor Photographer.  He never said anything else.

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