I am probably getting a 6D, but I don't really want one

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Re: You can't always get what you want

Schwany wrote:

Mick Jagger said that

Get a Sony.

I said that

I'm going to say just the opposite.  Not because Sony makes bad cameras, but because I've seen no evidence Sony has a road map or long term strategy.  We have seen Sony zig zag all over the place with their products.  Even the interface changes radically from generation to generation.  An a100 shooter would be downright confused by some of the new Sony's.  I think that inability to maintain any sort of consistency is a negative.

We don't know if the a7 and a7r are one-off creations, or the beginning of a mature product line.  As a former Sony/Minolta shooter, I can tell you Sony's promises are almost always empty. You could be waiting many years for a decent lens lineup to appear.  I would at least wait to see if a 2nd generation A7 model appears before investing in FF NEX/Alpha (which is it Sony?) Sony gear.

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