What about a modular high end camsystem

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What about a modular high end camsystem

Let's keep it simple.

How about a camerasystem that it just a bit ore moduler:

1) body
2) sensorunit with lensmount
3) lenses
Suppose Samsung and Pentax or may be Oly,Panny and Fuji join forces here. The make their own bodies, ut share sensortech. May be even IBIS, may be not.
But these are compatible with the sensorunits they make. And their lenses are now shared too.

So you can chose an Oly, Panny or Fuji body. Pick a Oly 600 mm2 5-axis IBIS 30 Mpixel sensorunit at 750 dollar (not far fetched), or a FF Fuji (1300 dollars) unit etc. And use all available Fuji, panaleica or Oly lenses for that mount.

Same if it is Sammy and Pentax combined. May be Sony and Oly. Whatever you can think of.

You have a more flexible system with various sensorsizes. Your cost are lower. And you can buy a better sensor when needed and later may be a body, so you can also spread the costs.
You can upgrade to a larger sensorformat if you want to or go the other route. Two bodies, one sensorunit for different kinds of shooting etcetc.

A D300 Niikon I think would be still a very reasonable cam if it had a 24 Mpixel sensor in it and kept the rest the same. Nothing much wrong with that body. D700 with a 24 Mpixel FF sensor or 36 Mpixel? Even if it would become slower, it would be fine as long as that sensor unit is not as expensive as a whole body.

What do you think? May be you can answer the poll and add a comment. Thanks!

But what do you tjink?

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Yes, I would like somehting like that very much!
19.2% 5  votes
Yes I can see this work for some but not for me.
3.8% 1  vote
3.8% 1  vote
No, sounds nice but I dont think it will work.
30.8% 8  votes
No, not a good idea at all.
42.3% 11  votes
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