Decided on down to specific cameras

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Decided on down to specific cameras

I'm focused on selecting a camera...narrowed it down to:

gm1, gx7, and the yet to be announced e-m10.

  • Size is important
  • gm1 gives me near rx100 portability, but sacrifices the tilt screen
  • i think i have to accept plus/minus there will be some additional bulk with me but not to the extreme of a dslr
  • video - like to take video of the little one. i won't edit it until maybe way later when i have time (read a few years from now). i just want the moment/footage for now
  • low light - which should be attainable with any of the cameras
  • no real time for PP. i tend to shoot jpeg. might move to raw + jpeg for editing later on. or when wanting to print specific images. again capturing the little one is the key. only a handful will be printed. and everything in between should be fine (read wife posting on facebook)
  • eliminated fuji due to lens cost (in terms of jpeg quality)
  • we'll update to next iPhones (way past due) for the times when we have nothing else. wife does good w capturing what she wants with it for daily snaps.

i'm enamored with the gm1 kit lens. i'd imagine i'd have a kit of small prime (15, 17, or 20), 45mm, and the kit. the kit would let the wife use it as a PS w/o issues in Auto. but i'm not fixated. i have budget to go to $1200 ish (plus or minus) definitely will not have the whole kit built out yet.

i am a little concerned with lack of inbody stabilization for video...

might just hold out to see how real the m10 features will be.

Olympus E-M1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Sony RX100
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