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Suprising Pocket Superzoom

These are on big discount from Canon UK on "Refurb" at the moment at under £100 and it`s a real bargain at this price, the newer 510 version replaced the buttons with a touchscreen which was more of a hinder than a help (too easy to press stuff when handling the cam) and didn`t improve anything worthwhile so the 500 is the one to get .....

Basically from what I can gather it uses a 1:2.3" 16Mp BSI sensor (not 1/3") and uses a form of always on (Hidden) Intelligent zoom to fake 12X optical in a camera of a size of body which 3X used to struggle with . I don`t know the true optical ability but it`s tack sharp edge to edge throughout the whole range . the result is that the cam is 10Mp . I guess at the wide end all or most of the 16Mp sensor is used and the cam downsizes to 10MP ( I`m sure when CHDK is available we`ll fiind out) and uses a cropped true 10Mp at the long end .

I`ve compared the ISOs throughout the range and it matches the SX40HS for every ISO peeped at 100% (1:2.3" BSI sensor of 12Mp all the time) so whatever is going on isn`t losing out to the 12Mp cams at the wide end (generallly where fine detail is lost) and the lens shames the optic in the 20X SX pocket zoomers (240/260/280) for quality and almost reaches the zoom reach of the far larger SX210/220/230 !  ..

Speed and handling are typically Ixus (OK but not mindblowing) - reminds me of the Original 5Mp CF card fed Ixus-500 of 10 years ago for button layout etc ...

I`d probably give this cam 2.5 or 3 stars at the full launch price but at the sub £100 price they are now, it``s worth a full 5 . lets make it 4 to average out .. I`d personally avoid the 510 model with its buttonless interface, Canon and touchscreens don`t gel IMO , even the EOS-Ms drives me nuts

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