*FZ 200* Does the ZOO/Wildlife Park

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*FZ 200* Does the ZOO/Wildlife Park

There’s just no place like a Zoo or Wildlife Park for photographing animals – the very easy way!

Simply keep your eye on the weather forecast, pick the best day of the week and time your visit to perfection. And the more you visit one particular place, the more you’ll know where the sun will be shining in relation to appropriate animal enclosures, meaning available light at any one time is predictable to say the least. Providing those usually predictable and captive creatures oblige and are within the range of your lens, everything else should be a doddle for anyone with basic photographic knowhow.

For me, there’s nothing more convenient than a superzoom camera for a trip to the Zoo. As a long-time Lumix FZ fan, I’ve every confidence in the type of gear that Panasonic produces, and I still own the FZ20, 28, 150 and 200. I let my FZ38 go to a dear friend who has used it to great effect for around 2-years now.

As for the FZ50 I once borrowed for a month with an option to buy thereafter, that’s another story entirely. Along with being the heaviest and most cumbersome FZ I’ve ever handled, I found the 50 only useful as a photographic tool at ISO 100; anything above that was a smear and colour bleed fest that ruined the fur and feather detail I always hope to retain in my animal and bird pics. Plus, at the time I used it, other models in the FZ range were donning 18 X (504 mm equiv) zoom ranges with faster long-end focussing speed and a promise of at least decent ISO 400 performance for less money than the 50 would have cost me back then. Hence my preference for the 28 and subsequent 38, both of which I found to be light in use, and also very good at producing my kind of shots well in excess of base ISO. (For anyone who’s starting out and is perhaps considering relatively cheap secondhand options, a used FZ38 would be ideal in my opinion.)

To cut a long story shorter, I then ended up with what I still regard as the best FZ model that Panasonic has produced to date – the 150, which I can’t imagine myself ever selling, despite my now owning the newer FZ200 from which these images have been resized and uploaded for anyone who may wish to have a look. Having bought the 200 last year, these examples are from one of my initial trips out with the camera, and the Zoo’s one of the first places I go to test any new model I buy.

On that note, I thank everyone in advance of viewing and leave you all with a reminder that in good light (especially plenty of sunshine), absolutely any FZ will produce the goods were base or near base ISO can be retained by the photographer.

For the record, I NEVER shoot RAW, much preferring the fine Jpeg option afforded by all FZ cameras I've used to date.

Happy shooting to all

Regards always

Stevie Boy

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 (Lumix DMC-FZ38) Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50
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