Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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Re: So we do agree - Oh no we don't

Lab D wrote:

We also agree M43 cameras are the ONLY cameras that offer the combination of DSLR speed, AF performance/accuracy with the EVF and live view, but don’t have a mirror blocking much of the light.

Stop putting words in my mouth.

Personally I prefer Fuji output.  AF on the latest model is perfectly acceptable. But that is entirely subjective.

Oh - and the A99 as well.  That is an excellent camera. And the SLT  is irrelevant. The A99 files have a lot "more" of everything in them.  They certainly crop much better than Oly.  But for some shooters that does not matter. It does to me though. And the A99 is quite large.  So, horses for courses...

m43 is great, don't get me wrong.  But it is not the answer to every question.

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