Used Nikon D3s or New D610? (moving to FX)

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Used Nikon D3s or New D610? (moving to FX)

I think I have seen so many reviews it's ridiculous!!

I am looking to go full frame (currently shoot Nikon D7000 & D7100 with a D300 as a back up) and wanted something that would be good in low light.

I shoot weddings and press stuff mainly and the occasional music concert/festival.

The obvious one to go for is the D3s, faster FPS (for press), excellent low light performance and better AF. It does however have dual CF cards, I have a few from my D300 but I have had a couple of cards get corrupt which doesn't give me much confidence if I am shooting a wedding. SD cards have never (touch wood) let me down, and I have a lot of them.

The D3s is also a beast and heavy too, its shutter is also a bit clunky which isn't great at the ceremony in a wedding. It is however weather sealed and could probably take a drop or 2 (or be used to whack harry styles if the chance ever arose).

I don't mind the 12mp, I can easily work with that, but the 24mp from the D610 is the same as my D7100 and wouldn't need a computer upgrade as with the D800 (which is pants on FPS so not on my list).

I have seen noise tests comparing the D610 and the D3s and only above 6400 ISO does it become a proper test, and not a huge one either.

The D610 is lighter, probably not much different from my D7000 but only does 6fps, which although not much worry with weddings, it is for press work.

Looking on ebay (and every camera shop in the UK) the average good condition used D3s goes between £1800-£2300 Whereas I can buy the body only D610 with grip for just under that so am wondering what would be best?

What do people think? I would probably use the D7000 with my Nikon 17-55mm 2.8 lens and the FX camera with my Tamron 70-200mm VC lens The D7100 would then be a back up (due to its shocking buffer).



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